Being great also meant being taken for granted

Virgin Media customers can do anything because they have ultrafast broadband, awesome TV channels and great phone packages. But it’s easy to forget that. So, how could we remind the brand’s 5.5m customers about all the incredible things they have and can do just because they’re with Virgin Media? 

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For every single customer, we made sure it was personal

We used over 100 million unique data points and transformed them into uniquely engaging stories. Then we turned them into a quiz. Through a series of hyper-personalized and gamified communications, we asked customers if they knew themselves as well as we knew them. We sent them to a landing page that revealed their ‘Best Bits’ – their key stats, household tech habits, recommended shows based on their favorites and gave tips on how to get more from Virgin Media.  

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And now for our very own ‘Best Bits’

We smashed all our targets. There was a 25% CTR in the first month (8x bigger than benchmark) and dwell time on the landing page was an impressive 5+ minutes. But the best bit of our Best Bits campaign? Securing millions of pounds in retained revenue for our client. 

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