KFC’s lonely Colonel’s Club

The average customer indulged in KFC twice a year, but its stamp-collecting loyalty program (yawn) only rewarded customers after three, five, and 11 visits. We needed to reward MORE customers to drive in-app purchasing by everyone, not just the few. And do it in ‘KFC style’.

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Welcome to the KFC Rewards Arcade

Combining behavioral science, gamification, and data and analytics, RAPP tore up the loyalty rulebook to build the KFC Rewards Arcade: an epic immersive in-app experience that gives EVERY customer the chance to win a reward INSTANTLY after every purchase.

It’s powered by an innovative ‘chicken algorithm’, which keeps business costs down and customers coming back. While a multi-channel loyalty experience nudges customers along their journey to more finger-lickin' chicken.

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The results were epic

1.3 million rewards were redeemed in the first four months alone, and there was a tasty increase in customer frequency. Yet it all costs less than the Colonel’s Club. Good for business. Good for customers. And finger-lickin’ good for long-term brand appeal. What a win.

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