Post-pandemic, travel insurance was again at risk of being left behind

A decrease in flight frequency, economic crisis and reduced spending added further uncertainty to traveling. This put travel insurance at risk of being dropped off the packing list. Assist Card needed to raise awareness of the importance of travel insurance in a way that differentiated them from the competition.

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We used data and storytelling to unpack the unexpected

Using the most popular destinations and most frequent unforeseen travel incidents, we were able to tell a story that resonated and empathized with travelers, from solo flyers to families. Our strategy combined various media channels to maximize the campaign’s reach too. We used television to set the tone and generate brand recognition, digital advertising to target key moments of consideration in the customer journey, plus social media to build a story and interact with travelers.

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And the numbers took off

Despite launching the campaign when inflation measured 92.4% in Argentina, revenue increased by 40%. And growth was 8x greater than expected. Overall turnover on owned ecommerce channels grew 72% and direct sales went up by 50%. The sky’s the limit from here…

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