Teenage boys were getting sex tips from all the wrong places🤷

Online behaviors revealed teenage boys have a LOT of questions about sex – usually seeking answers from unreliable, often toxic sources. Fumble, a sex education charity for young people, wanted to let them know about its relevant and relatable content as a reliable resource.

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We needed to hit the right spot 😉

Our audience already uses emojis to discuss things of a sexual nature, which is handy because social media bans sex-related language. So we created emoji-based messages that tackled the most searched-for questions. We even designed a few more diverse emojis of our own. Our digitally native approach helped us to engage our audience and get around censorship with the message, 'Don’t Google it. Fumble it.' Turning a big challenge into a great opportunity to communicate.

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And the results made us go 😲

The campaign was a huge success. We reached 840,000 young people, achieving 3 million impressions, 30,000 views, and a 30% CTR. All with just a £5k budget. And almost 10% of young people who saw our paid ads Fumbled it rather than Googled it 🥳

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