Could we seed a brand new thought?

We needed to promote NK’s commitment to developing reliable seed hybrids to Argentina’s agricultural community. To do that, we had to reach the country’s new farmer. A generation willing to innovate, and which values technology and process optimization, to maximize crop profitability and field growth. 


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We brought the best of people and product together

We rethought the traditional means of agricultural communications to reach our new breed of farmer. Through our big idea “Impulsando la innovación” (driving innovation), we relaunched NK Seeds. The mass-media campaign was inspired by human growth, adaptability and evolution. We made a direct comparison between NK scientists, who are continually innovating, and NK products, which constantly adapt to the challenges faced by farmers in the field.  


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And nurtured our audience’s commitment too

By relaunching the NK brand, we helped to reinforce its commitment to developing reliable crop varieties and hybrids that would improve farmers’ yield and profitability.


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