London Youth – and the youths of London – needed help

For disadvantaged young Londoners, the job market is a terrifying place filled with rejection due to systematic inequalities. London Youth offers spaces for them to learn vital employability skills. But government cuts have forced the charity to find new corporate sponsors. For this, they needed our help.

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So we applied for jobs with Ambitious Applications

We hacked the job market, turning London’s job ads into a brand-new (and free!) 1-to-1 direct media channel. We tracked the capital’s top job vacancies and applied for each one with the perfect candidate. All before revealing they were actually a young Londoner who won’t be ready for the role for another 10 years – and they’ll only get there if the city’s business leaders step up to help.

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We unlocked some serious potential

Our campaign framed London Youth not as a charity, but as an opportunity for businesses to make a difference – and find their next best hire. In just four weeks, we increased leads by 800%, connecting London Youth with 15 leading brands, including the BBC, Canon and The FA.