Could we shift the perception of bought luxury to leased luxury?

In Singapore, a region where purchasing a car has long been seen as a symbol of status and wealth, how could we convince young professionals and families that leasing is a smarter choice? We needed to show them it was possible to experience luxury without incurring huge debt. 


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We went money-busting, myth-busting and opinion-busting

Basically, we tackled the leasing stigma head on. We created buzz around an unmissable offer – put 0% down to lease a brand-new Mercedes-Benz versus putting 40% down to finance one. Responsive landing pages de-bunked some of the myths associated with leasing, positioning it as a smart lifestyle choice and mobility strategy. While a supporting eDM series and complementary social posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, drove engagement among our audience. 


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And drove some luxurious responses as a result

We showed the young professionals and families that formed our campaign’s target that leasing is a smarter choice, and that you don’t have to take on inordinate amounts of debt to experience luxury.

Overall, 25% of the client’s new leasing leads were generated by the site we built, alone. The campaign worked so well because we clearly expressed how this user-driven product offers higher affordability, no depreciation risk and the peace of mind that comes from complimentary benefits that only Mercedes-Benz can offer. All huge draws to MB’s evolved consumer.


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