Mastercard had lost its connection with Argentine customers

Priceless by Mastercard helps people around the world discover new passions. But the experiences offered weren’t aligned with Argentine audiences. Plus, the pandemic had changed consumption habits and how people interacted with content. RAPP Argentina needed to help offer local cardholders unique experiences, adapted for the digital age.

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So we tapped into what they really wanted

Insights showed us that consumers prioritize experiences over possessions, and they enjoy learning something new and sharing it with others. So we generated relevant, long-lasting impact experiences combining these passions, and used relevant talents and influencers to reach a wider audience. Plus, we created a communication strategy and amplification plan for the entire experience journey, to help maintain customer engagement and create positive sentiment towards the brand throughout.

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And the results were right on the money

In the past two years, visits to have grown by more than 200%. New registrations continue to increase month by month, and people have shown genuine interest in the platform's experiences. Through giveaways and more, we achieved nearly 100% positive sentiment, surpassing the industry benchmark by 30 points.

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